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5 сентября 2020

26 апреля 2013 года после репетиции в КЗЧ (Москва) к нашему администратору Ольге Ягминой подошла Елена Викторовна Недосекина, которая де-юре считалась пресс-секретарём Дмитрия Александровича, но де-факто исполняющая множество менеджерских функций, предложила задержаться на брифинге и попросила о помощи. Во чтобы то ни стало, нужно было поднять весьма важную тему, которая замалчивалась прессой. Вопросы касались прошедшей не так давно постановки «Онегина» с участием российских оперных исполнителей. А так же предстоящей премьеры «Отелло» в Венской опере. Кроме этого, в этих отрывках вы можете услышать и смешные ответы Дмитрия Александровича на различные каверзные вопросы. Снимала брифинг активный участник сайта Елена Кутикова. Задавала вопросы — Ольга Ягмина.

On 26.04.2013 after rehearsal in Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow our admin Olga Jagmina has been approached with an offer for briefing by Elena Viktorovna Nedosekina, who was press secretary-by-law of Dmitri Alexandrovich, but having several managerial tasks in fact. It was out of necessity to rise a very important topic that was hushed up by press. The questions regarded the recent production of ``Onegin`` with the participation of Russian opera singer and the upcoming premiere of ``Otello`` in Vienna Opera. Besides you are going to hear the funny answers of Dmitri Alexandrovich to the tricky question. The briefing has been shot by the active website participant Elena Kutikova. Questions by Olga Jagmina.

Olga: Dmitri Alexandrovich, let me return You in Vienna. The production was in one of the best European theatre. And the cast was mainly Russian. How much important and historical was this event in Your opinion?

Dmitri: Important and historical! It was necessary to talk and trumpet about this by all media, to be proud of this, to be aware of it. I saw Masha among us who was on the premiere. I didn´t noticed any interest of another media or public members. Although a lot of people came from all countries. The tickets were sold year ago. There were a lot of Russians. As well some interesting people, who were impossible not to notice, not to run away from. This Vienna opera admirers met us adoringly it was amazing. Among them were a lot of Russians. It was very pleasant to me.

Olga: Dmitri Alexandrovich, how comfortable You felt, considering that the main parts were performed by Russians, but directed by German?

Dmitri: He didn´t directed with me. I had nothing to do with it. Nobody had anything to do with it.

Olga: Did You felt comfortable?

Dmitri: I always feel comfortable. With my skills. Important to me is that nobody is spinning around, almost knocking me down. On the dress rehearsal they moved a table and knocked my toes. This was the only discomfort. They see the boss is standing, but the table needs to be moved! The huge table has been moved, I was crushed. Amazing! Therefore, they learned a few new words!

Journalist: Metropolitan is a fluctuation. How come?

Dmitri: Fluctu… what?

Journalist: Regarding communication patterns. It is like a violation of the general low, right?

Dmitri: It is how You said it.

Journalist: Recently the International Opera Awards took place in London. You have been nominated as well.

Dmitri: Me?

Journalist: With Jonas Kaufmann, if I am not wrong.

Dmitri: I didn´t heard about this.

Journalist: A lot of our artists were nominated- the Helicon Opera Chorus as a best opera chorus.

Dmitri: And I?

Journalist: Best opera singer.

Dmitri: Really? I didn´t became the best opera singer. Again!

Journalist: Our artists were a bit encouraged- Dima Cherniakov became the best director.

Dmitri: He is the best and me not? Why?

Journalist: How this refers to You?

Dmitri: I am upset!

Journalist: I am maybe not informed enough and I don´t know exactly…

Dmitri: You give so much energy and emotions! And then you are not the best! How much can you fight? I am upset!

Olga: Could I ask a small question, Dmitri Alexandrovich?

Dmitri: Yes, of course.

Olga: The long-awaited premiere of Otello is coming up in September. What can we expect from this production? Will be historical, traditional, or…?

Dmitri: From what I have heard, I understand the question.

Olga: Modern?

Dmitri: It´s modern and strange.

Olga: Really?

Dmitri: I already agreed with Vienna Opera for support- they are going to provide me an orchestra and a stage rehearsal. Our audience is going to come and support me. Maybe…

Olga: Of course! By all means!

Dmitri: I need this support a lot! A lot!

Olga: Iago?

Dmitri: Iago? Of course! I even didn´t needed to incarnate.

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